Notes From The Pavement

I’m running again, albeit slowly. Today’s route of 3.16 miles took me longer than I’ve done it previously, in my ‘better shape’ days. That’s to be expected. When you slack off for two years and find your way back to the pavement, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Honestly I didn’t really even take note of the time exactly. It had to be about 5:15 – 5:20 when I started. Thoughts I notice are typical: how exposed am I to a loose dog? I had just started to run when I hear a pooch crying. I turned around and saw a lab, sitting outside calling to its owner. I’m always just a bit wary that the animal will stir by the sight of a human, compared to the steady flow of traffic.

Doing intervals is good. There’s no guilt if I stop running to regulate breathing. There’s always the next mailbox post to run towards after pacing with long, walking strides. I noticed one homeowner took to the afternoon to remove their Christmas decorations in March, just in time for St. Patty’s Day.


Savage St. Loop – Southington, CT

Garbage seems to be all over the road. Not just discarded soda bottles, but floss sticks and flattened metal pieces of indistinguishable objects gone rusty. Cigarette butts make me want to run faster, but my legs feel heavy. To my surprise the end of the loop was in sight. It’ll be nice when the grass turns green and the weather gets warmer. In the meantime, one day of exercise is one step closer to health.



Running: One Step at A Time

It’s been a long time coming, but I think I found my way back. To running that is. It’s unclear why I stopped especially when I did. My workouts consisted of three to four times per week running anywhere between three to five miles. I completed four 5k races within one year, improving my time with each race. I’m not competitive with anyone but did enjoy seeing and feeling the effects of being in decent shape. The longest distance I’ve ever run is probably about eight miles but I can’t be scientific about it.

I kept track of my road running efforts using Mapmyrun. It’s a nifty program that creates mileage maps of where you run. It can even calculate calories burned, I guess depending on the time you clock the distance.  I refer to 2010 as the year of my best running.

It feels tentative but I think the funk that has taken hold since 2010 is losing its grip. Why, I wonder, does somebody just suddenly stop doing the things that make them feel healthy and vie for inertia? My best guess is depression. Suffice to say there’s enough life stresses that can cause depression. The trick is knowing that and in spite of recognition, figuring out how to counteract the ugly beast!

An impetus towards getting back on track has been a 6 week challenge to realign eating habits paired with exercises while watching television. The idea of watching Scandal and working on my abs simultaneously kind of feels scandalous!! So far, it’s been going well with the exception of some lower back pain. Exercising actually helped after laying off for one day – so it seems the body remembers what feels good. That’s what I’m telling myself.

I revisited my profile on Mapmyrun and calculated my distance today and was pleasantly surprised. I ran nearly 2.41miles in about twenty-five minutes. I stopped a few times to get used to the pace. Considering I haven’t run in some time – I was happy! It felt great to move about.

A working mantra – running, like any endeavor, is best accomplished one step at a time.