Something In The Air

In case you haven’t noticed I like clouds. I thought about doing a collection of photographs that featured different kinds of clouds. The idea isn’t new and multimedia artist and photographer Kelly DeLay already had his Cloud 365 Project underway. DeLay seeks to do something creative every day and capturing the ever changing variety of billowy vapor shapes is a site worth seeing if you too like looking at the light and formations that speckle the skies.

The effect looking upward at an expanse of space can be a overall good sense of being. I feel more grounded after taking the time to watch a changing pattern of clouds as they move through the atmosphere. It’s similar to watching water break across a shoreline. Something about feeling your place on earth or communing with nature comes to mind.

I don’t want to forget how simple it is to take in the sights around me. It’s ironic because there’s nothing to wait for except the next change you observe, as opposed to a Facebook feed where your attention is channelled in a much more mindless way.

Observing nature isn’t as draining as internet surfing. It’s a much more relaxed use of time in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if someone else has claimed the idea – to observe and record. In fact I can appreciate DeLay’s project. It is a document of time and learning. Something that doesn’t really ever depreciate.

I went to New York today and just looked at the sky above the city. It was a cloud filled sky that changed over the course of the day.

Portions of clouds broke away to reveal a solid tone of blue underneath. Shapes contrasted against the sky reminding me of what seemed obvious – the development of land vs. space.

Street lights brightened the night sky. Looking across the East River from Long Island City, the buildings looked like jewelry sparkling onto landscape.

There’s also a Facebook page dedicated solely to clouds, in case you’d like to see images from a variety of sources. Anyone can upload to the page. ¬†What do you find yourself photographing over and over again?