Interior Windows – A Photographer’s View

Blizzard ‘Nemo‘ has taken the airwaves by (snow) storm. While sitting at home watching the news coverage on t.v., it seems to be a countdown of each snowflake and its effect. Granted, coverage of a weather system of this magnitude is a comfort to many, I haven’t heard any other news besides ¬†weather.

Everybody is indoors except for reporters and part of the story involves all the closures, including businesses and quite possibly roads. Power outages and accidents are also part of the reporting hierarchy. The outside world is turning white! I’m focusing on interior life and in doing so, I remembered images I made a few weeks ago. Two windows are the subject of a photography exercise:

Select an object, it can be anything, and capture it in several views. Try different times of the day to explore lighting and try different lenses to ‘see’ what various focal lengths look like. It’s interesting to get an understanding of how ordinary objects look in a photograph – depending on the approach:_MG_4938






Light Setting