Interior Windows – A Photographer’s View

Blizzard ‘Nemo‘ has taken the airwaves by (snow) storm. While sitting at home watching the news coverage on t.v., it seems to be a countdown of each snowflake and its effect. Granted, coverage of a weather system of this magnitude is a comfort to many, I haven’t heard any other news besides ¬†weather.

Everybody is indoors except for reporters and part of the story involves all the closures, including businesses and quite possibly roads. Power outages and accidents are also part of the reporting hierarchy. The outside world is turning white! I’m focusing on interior life and in doing so, I remembered images I made a few weeks ago. Two windows are the subject of a photography exercise:

Select an object, it can be anything, and capture it in several views. Try different times of the day to explore lighting and try different lenses to ‘see’ what various focal lengths look like. It’s interesting to get an understanding of how ordinary objects look in a photograph – depending on the approach:_MG_4938






Light Setting


Sighting Inspiration

Who knows when you’ll get it. It happens momentarily and in its own time. First morning light enters a room like an unexpected guest. Oh – take notice of a fleeting presence!

Inspiration is like Grace – it’s spiritual and not to be underestimated. It can sweep you up into a place where time stops ticking. I call it that, inspiration, but it’s a combination of things. Willingness to surrender to light and the mood that light creates is when I most want to have camera in hand.

Today I looked for moments. The sun made yellow light in the shapes of angular slanting lines. The sky was very different from this past week where big, blue, black and gray clouds consumed wide expanses of sky, gobbling it up as though wide were not enough. From sharp shards of glass to soft tulip petals anything can be interesting when photographing it with light that accentuates its innate qualities. A handle looks like ‘drama’ and a flower appears like a painter’s stroke on canvas.

Waiting for a tinge of color shift from bright noon to a dusk mood seemed most desirable for picture purposes. Patience yields a rush to capture a pink imbued flora that drinks in the sun before petals close for their nightly repose.


Sighting Friday moments are just the inspiration needed to welcome the weekend! Don’t let the overcast light limit image making possibilities. If it’s overcast colors are cooler, but are still worth capturing, nonetheless!