Drum Circle Encourages Unity During Community Picnic In Meriden

I’m not a musician by any means so when I recently participated in a drum circle I was surprised to find I could keep rhythm. I’d always wanted attend this kind of event, mostly out of curiosity. I wasn’t particularly drawn to percussion, but more to the idea of trying something new.

Drum Circle Video

The saying, “March to the beat of your own drummer” was always something of an inspirational thought and it reverberated in my head as I drove to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden. Part curiosity, and part wanting to honor the efforts of the organizers, I ventured to the community picnic without realizing I’d be moved by the activity into trading my camera for a drum and becoming part of the circle.

The repetitive sounds are enticing. The beats changed as people joined and exited from the group. It seemed the more drummers there were participating, the higher the energy level and the louder the music sounded. During the circle’s fullest attendance children danced within the enclosure, spinning about or doing cartwheels, letting the drumming dictate their motions.

Drum Circle Dancer

A belly dancer moved softly to the music , her bangles swishing in the background. A large gong played along too and incrementally increased the volume until only the vibration filled the room. The metal tones hummed and rang out acoustically throughout the space providing mental pathways for free flowing thoughts.

I liked the sound mediation. It felt like a more personal experience compared to being a listener to a predetermined presentation on a given topic. Everyone thinks what ever comes to mind in meditation as opposed to the listener experience – meditation prompts independent reflection and the results are refreshing.