Wanderlust Travel Observations

During a road trip I discovered places to consider for relocation. Drawn to the southeast, I visited North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina, all of which offered a different point of view for best semi-retired possibilities. I’m most interested in moderate temperatures, cultural offerings and tax friendly municipalities.

Lexington, Statesville and Mooresville in NC, all had great small town charm. Nice shops and restaurants lined each historic Main Streets. Also noticeable stood empty store fronts interspersed between businesses. Their vacancies were reminiscent of healthier economic times, but simultaneously represented future opportunities. Whenever my husband and I travel we, or should I say, I, become susceptible to daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a particular place.  Since location scouting was our purpose it seemed ok to entertain possibilities. Empty storefronts enticed dreams of opening a small gallery space where we could build an arts/ culinary community venue of sorts.

Spartanburg, South Carolina looked promising. Several side streets were lined with cobblestones with outdoor cafes and bicycle stands.  A jazz nightclub looked like the place to be for drinks and vibes. The main avenue was wide and large. I’m not sure if retail will recover in this area as online shopping has replaced what large department stores have to offer. What is large square footage best use? DQ headquarters is located in Spartanburg and has a high rise office space. A ground floor garden equipped with pagodas looked perfect for a portrait photography backdrop. I noticed a local photography business in town and I’m sure it does well for location shoots. As we approached a vine covered walkway, we spotted a homeless man sitting in the shade. He got up to move when he saw us. The encounter was a simple reminder that no matter how serene a place looks, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps those empty building might be well suited for housing usage.

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There isn’t a ‘perfect’ place. Relocating at any point in life presents a mixed bag. So much is contingent on what you have and what you have to look forward to. Finding as near to perfect a place as possible takes a lot more than locale. It’s more about striking a balance between a good working environment and that oh-so-important ratio of income to living expenses. Strive for reasonable goals and then work towards making them happen – that’s the plan! What goals are you striving for?