Lunch Laps Yield Friday Moment

The drizzle today didn’t seem too inviting for a hike during lunch. Instead I ventured out for a walk, wearing my festive green hoodie. There’s a flat back road near my office that is relatively traffic free, and I thought if I carried an umbrella I could get in at least twenty minutes – enough to burn 100 calories or so.
After ten minutes at a brisk pace, the dampness felt refreshing. Some brush along the way had been trimmed back and I could smell the wood from the fresh cut. Mounds of yellow grass looked like hay and I wondered how long it would take for color to grow back into the long stringy blades.
Textures From A Rainy Day
Grass and Branches – Wallingford, CT
Bronze Body on Rock – Stonybrook, NY
Trash was mixed in with dead leaves. Once summer comes the bottles and wrappers that  were tossed at the landscape would be hidden. Shades of blue and yellow were what I could see and except for an odd photo of a rock wall, the images seemed to look good together. 
A favorite blogging site I subscribe to does a weekly feature called ‘Friday Moment’ where users post an image without words. I’m inspired from that tradition, but added text here because of the newness of this site.
I hope you enjoyed today and have had a moment of discovery today too!