In Lieu of Lightning

There’s alot to be said for setting goals. With photography I’ve always wanted to capture that flash of lightning as though that would define my skill. I’ve yet to capture that bolt of electricity as it comes from the sky.

Even with forewarning from predictors like WTNH  to get a good lightning shot you need to be prepared. A tripod is the tool of choice and even more important than that – the luxury of time – to set and position the shot means you need to prepare.

That’s the lacking ingredient for me. My work gets incorporated into employer’s product.  I don’t always have full arsenal of tools that I’d need if I were out and about with weather as an assignment.

Thunder storms were predicted this evening even though it was sunny at 5:00 p.m. Off into Avon, CT I travelled and didn’t see any lightning. I stopped to zoom in on Queen Anne’s Lace and as the sky darkened kept my eye out for bolts of lightning. I saw a flash up ahead while I drove 40 m.p.h., not the most opportune time for me to set up.

Instead I decided to make my own lightning by capturing the colors from street lamps and wet pavement and then back at myself. Light is light and self can be as compelling as you make it.

Do you have goals you set for yourself – even in the midst of having little time?

Don’t think time is something  you’ll have one day.

Instead, if ‘one day’ were today, you can start now – doing what it is you like.

Isn’t that the whole point of living your best life?


Lunch Laps Yield Friday Moment

The drizzle today didn’t seem too inviting for a hike during lunch. Instead I ventured out for a walk, wearing my festive green hoodie. There’s a flat back road near my office that is relatively traffic free, and I thought if I carried an umbrella I could get in at least twenty minutes – enough to burn 100 calories or so.
After ten minutes at a brisk pace, the dampness felt refreshing. Some brush along the way had been trimmed back and I could smell the wood from the fresh cut. Mounds of yellow grass looked like hay and I wondered how long it would take for color to grow back into the long stringy blades.
Textures From A Rainy Day
Grass and Branches – Wallingford, CT
Bronze Body on Rock – Stonybrook, NY
Trash was mixed in with dead leaves. Once summer comes the bottles and wrappers that  were tossed at the landscape would be hidden. Shades of blue and yellow were what I could see and except for an odd photo of a rock wall, the images seemed to look good together. 
A favorite blogging site I subscribe to does a weekly feature called ‘Friday Moment’ where users post an image without words. I’m inspired from that tradition, but added text here because of the newness of this site.
I hope you enjoyed today and have had a moment of discovery today too!