Flattered: Ten Questions with Margaret Waage

Recently I visited the Tumblr site and was surprised to see graphic content. I expect to see artsy content there, that’s what Tumblr is known for, but user be advised, especially if viewing at work! What’s great about sites like Tumblr is its variety from beautiful artwork to subversive works, and resourceful written works in between.

The Hungry Ghost Collective is aTumblr site that flattered me with feature ‘Ten Questions with Margaret Waage’ which is an interview format of and for photographers. It’s hard to be authoritative on something as ever-changing as photography, but what I discovered was it’s easy to talk about your own motivation to create. I take pictures to pay attention to life and the people in yours. It’s as simple as that…photography facilitates connection to the moment and what’s happening there. But the title of the blog Hungry Ghost Collective got me thinking about the hereafter.

What will come of all our collected memories after we are gone? Companies that cater to the rights of digital works have begun to enter the estate planning conversation. Digital assets are different from collections of negatives or prints. Once something publishes on the Internet it’s hard to control where it will appear through shares. Copyright will always be an issue, but until hyper vigilant measures for tracking and holding parties responsible are in full effect, content can appear in places the author did not intend.

One such company that provides a good roster of online services for digital estate planning is The Digital Beyond. For artists, photographers, writers, musicians or anyone who cares what happens to their stuff after their gone it’s worth looking taking a look.

Till then I’ll keep clicking!

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